PAKISTAN - Chitral / Hunza - Trek Along Wakhan Corridor

Trek description

A long tek along the ridge who mark the border with Afghan Wakhan. We start from Lasht, the end of the road, that we can reach for one day from Mastuj, along the Yarkhun river. On the east, a branch of InduKush named Indu Raj, on the west, Indukush and boder with Afghanistan. After 3 days, we reach Chimal Abad, at the foot of Boroghil Pass, one of the main pass of the silk road, linking Wakhan and Chitral valley. Then we go on our way to the north.staying as near as possible of the ridge-border. We follow Karambar Lake near Karambar Pass, then cross Chatiboï glacier. The last difficulty is Chilinji An. The last slope is very steep and the the way go easily to Babagundi.






Duration : 15 days - Walking : 12 days - Rest day : 3 days
Group : 8 persons maxi
Level : Demanding
Portage : porters, horses, yacks
Start : Lasht - Finish : ZoudKhun


  • D1 : Lasht (3330 m) to Badin Kot
  • D2 : Badin Kot to Chikar
  • D3 : Chikar to Chilmar Abad
  • D4 : Chilmar Abad to Boroghil Pass and back
  • D5 : Chilmar Abad to Ghar Hell
  • D6 : Ghar Hell to Karambar Pass (lake - 4200 m))
  • D7 : Karambar Pass to Shoi Yanj
  • D8 : Shoi Yanj to Chatiboï Glacier
  • D9 : Chatiboï Glacier - One day rest (option : Go to the Kora Bort Pass to see Pamir wakhan and back)
  • D10 : Chatiboï Glacier to Chilinji (Forest Camp)
  • D11 : Chilinjir to High Camp
  • D12 : High Camp to Chilinji An (Pass : 5291 m) and to Biatar
  • D13 : Biatar to Babagundi
  • D14 : One day rest in Babagundi
  • D15 : Babagundi to ZoudKhun

Equipment provide

Mess tent, cooking equipment, tent for 2 people, matelas.

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