❀ The Guest-House

Our guest-house will welcome you. We can accept until 10 persons. The sleeping is as « at home » with traditional matelas on the carpet.
We try to host the guest as it was in the time of Nassir khisraw, Gengis Khan or Alexander the great.

The room « solarium » bio-climatic, facing the south and the second room

We can prepare any kind of meal and breakfast.
All the vegetables come from the garden and are organic. We can prepare all the special dishes from wakhi tradionnal food like Molida, Chilpentok, Bat and Chamurki, ...

Inside the traditionnal pamiri house

❀ Organizing the weddings in local tradition

We are offering with Pamir Serai a wedding with the local environment (food, dresses and music) and with meeting wakhi people.







For more information, contact us ...

❀ How to get here

Getting to Sost

  1. From Islamabad :
    Getting to Gilgit : By bus or By air (daily flght from Islamabad depending of the weather)
    Gilgit to Sost : By minibus
  2. From China
    Kashgar to Sost : By Bus

Sost to Zood Khun

  1. By cargo jeep
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