Portrait of Alam Jan DarioAlam Jan Dario, guide for now 20 years, born in Chapursan valley of Hunza in 1972. His ancestor came from Wakhan corridor 150 years before. Let him introduce himself : « I have been in Karachi for high studies. after coming back from karachi i was school teacher for three years in my home land ZoodKhun in Chapursan valley, Hunza then I joined tourism Industry in 1992 from Skardu, Baltistan, the biggest tourist field in pakistan, as a porter.
After one year I became a trekking guide for John Mock and Kimberly O'Neil for the trekking guide book in Indukush and Karakrom.
After as a trekking guide I start exploring several of new trekking routes and high passes in Karakoran, Hindu kush and Pamir montains range »


Portrait of Haji BibiHaji Bibi, manager of Pamir Serai, is born in a qalender family of chapursan valley of Hunza. Her family is looking after the famous saint of Babaghuni in chapursan valley from two genarations. and she is the first woman to give a hand in the tourism business inchapursan valley to her husband, Alam Jan Dario.




Portrait of Sarwar Khan TajikSarwar Khan Tajik, horse trekking guide,is basicaly from wakhan afghanistan. He start his carrier as cook in hotel industry, and then he learn the job of horser-trekking guide, ten years ago. He speak english, urdu, wakhi, buruchaski, china and chitrali.




Portrait of Sherazi Hassan KhanSherazi Hassan Khan, coordinator in Islamabad, is a student in communication and languages at the university of Namal, Islamabad. He is from ZoodKhun, Chapursan. He is organizing all the requirments around Rawalpindi and Islamabad (reception at airport, booking ticket, transport, ...)




Portrait of Fazal u Rahman Shereen sudoFazal u Rahman Shereen sudo is the singer and music teacher of Rubab, flut, sitar and surnai. He is the highest level of wakhi singer and his songs can be listen from radio pakistan. He sing song in five diferent language,wakhi, persian, urdu, burushaski, shina and chitrali(khowar),



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Trekking guide

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